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The Importance of Picture Books for Child Development

Charmica Curry February 26, 2018

Opportune reasons for using children’s picture books to improve personality traits

When it comes to parenting, the child’s development is one of the most important things that need to be secured. As they say, a growing child is like a sponge—they’ll absorb anything and everything around them. And as such, the parent . . .

books for children

Qualities of Good Books for Children

Charmica Curry February 19, 2018

Choosing the best books for children guarantees reading comprehension

In reading children’s books, the illustrations and designs don’t totally matter; rather, the content and relevance of the book will surely capture your child’s attention. Sometimes, children are more likely to read when there are huge and colorful i . . .

moral lesson

Moral Lesson: Benefits of Reading Them

Charmica Curry February 12, 2018

Why Do We Need to Read Moral Lesson Stories?

Even though they are still young, children also undergo certain kinds of stress; stories will help relieve their worries; kids will temporarily be transported to a magical world. Reading stories with moral lessons to your children will help shape the person they become in the fut . . .


Patience: A True Virtue

Charmica Curry February 5, 2018

Why People Are in to Reading Books about Patience

One of the most precious gifts that God has given his people is patience. But most people do not practice this, and they find waiting very difficult and frustrating. Nowadays, many people have become impatient, and this causes them stress. Being impatient definitely has its . . .

slow to anger

You Must All Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, and Slow to Get Angry

Charmica Curry January 29, 2018

How to be slow to anger? Here’s your easy guide

When overwhelmed by emotions, it is often all too easy to lash out with our tongues. Anger is one of the strongest feelings that can lead us to trouble. Some people act out their anger through physical violence, but others use the emotional kind. The former might leave visib . . .

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